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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-May-2017Size-Dependent Expression of the Mitotic Activator Cdc25 Suggests a Mechanism of Size Control in Fission YeastKeifenheim, D; Sun, X-M; D'Souza, E; Ohira, MJ; Magner, M, et al
15-Dec-2017Editorial: Determinants of Cell Size.Björklund, M; Marguerat, S
27-Sep-2017The wound microenvironment reprogrammes Schwann cells to invasive mesenchymal- like cells to drive peripheral nerve regenerationClements, MP; Byrne, E; Camarillo Guerrero, LF; Cattin, A-L; Zakka, L, et al
19-Sep-2018Condensin controls cellular RNA levels through the accurate segregation of chromosomes instead of directly regulating transcriptionHocquet, C; Robellet, X; Modolo, L; Sun, X-M; Burny, C, et al
21-Mar-2018Division rate, cell size and proteome allocation: impact on gene expression noise and implications for the dynamics of genetic circuitsBertaux, F; Marguerat, S; Shahrezaei, V
17-Jun-2015Connecting growth with gene expression: of noise and numbers.Shahrezaei, V; Marguerat, S
30-Jun-2015Widespread exon skipping triggers degradation by nuclear RNA surveillance in fission yeast.Bitton, DA; Atkinson, SR; Rallis, C; Smith, GC; Ellis, DA, et al
22-Aug-2011Differential patterns of intronic and exonic DNA regions with respect to RNA polymerase II occupancy, nucleosome density and H3K36me3 marking in fission yeast.Wilhelm, BT; Marguerat, S; Aligianni, S; Codlin, S; Watt, S, et al
28-Nov-2014Natural genetic variation impacts expression levels of coding, non-coding, and antisense transcripts in fission yeast.Clément-Ziza, M; Marsellach, FX; Codlin, S; Papadakis, MA; Reinhardt, S, et al
16-Mar-2015Proportionality: A Valid Alternative to Correlation for Relative DataLovell, D; Pawlowsky-Glahn, V; Egozcue, JJ; Marguerat, S; Baehler, J