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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2007Arkadia enhances nodal/TGF-beta signaling by coupling phospho-Smad2/3 activity and turnoverMavrakis, KJ; Andrew, RL; Lee, KL; Petropoulou, C; Dixon, JE, et al
1-Dec-2009The ADMA/DDAH Pathway Regulates VEGF-Mediated AngiogenesisFiedler, LR; Bachetti, T; Leiper, J; Zachary, I; Chen, L, et al
24-Mar-2009Phasic excitation of dopamine neurons in ventral VTA by noxious stimuliBrischoux, F; Chakraborty, S; Brierley, DI; Ungless, MA
1-Jan-2009Modulation of Rac1 Activity by ADMA/DDAH Regulates Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier FunctionWojciak-Stothard, B; Torondel, B; Zhao, L; Renne, T; Leiper, JM
9-Apr-2008Stereological estimates of dopaminergic, gabaergic and glutamatergic neurons in the ventral tegmental area, substantia nigra and retrorubral field in the ratNair-Roberts, RG; Chatelain-Badie, SD; Benson, E; White-Cooper, H; Bolam, JP, et al
15-Sep-2001DNA microarrays in medical practice.Aitman, TJ
1-Dec-2009A double-hexameric MCM2-7 complex is loaded onto origin DNA during licensing of eukaryotic DNA replicationEvrin, C; Clarke, P; Zech, J; Lurz, R; Sun, J, et al
1-Oct-2006Heritability and tissue specificity of expression quantitative trait lociPetretto, E; Mangion, J; Dickens, NJ; Cook, SA; Kumaran, MK, et al
23-Sep-2003Decoding the epigenetic effects of chromatin.Festenstein, R; Aragon, L
29-Dec-2008Genome-Wide Co-Expression Analysis in Multiple TissuesGrieve, IC; Dickens, NJ; Pravenec, M; Kren, V; Hubner, N, et al