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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2019Splicing of long non-coding RNAs primarily depends on polypyrimidine tract and 5′ splice-site sequences due to weak interactions with SR proteinsKrchňáková, Z; Thakur, PK; Krausová, M; Bieberstein, N; Haberman, N, et al
23-Aug-2018Heteromeric RNP assembly at LINEs controls lineage-specific RNA processingAttig, J; Agostini, F; Gooding, C; Chakrabarti, AM; Singh, A, et al
11-Jul-20193D high-resolution cardiac segmentation reconstruction from 2D views using conditional variational autoencodersBiffi, C; Cerrolaza, JJ; Tarroni, G; De Marvao, A; Cook, SA, et al
1-Oct-2018Why do people choose nephrology? Identifying positive motivators to aid recruitment and retentionBeckwith, H; Kingsbury, M; Horsburgh, J
26-Aug-2019Selective deployment of transcription factor paralogs with submaximal strength facilitates gene regulation in the immune systemBruno, L; Ramlall, V; Studer, RA; Sauer, S; Bradley, D, et al
1-Sep-2019Integrated systems-genetic analyses reveal a network target for delaying glioma progressionLaaniste, L; Srivastava, P; Stylianou, T; Syed, N; Cases-Cunillera, S, et al
1-Nov-2019To help aging populations, classify organismal senescenceCalimport, SRG; Bentley, BL; Stewart, CE; Pawelec, G; Scuteri, A, et al
8-Aug-2019Sex differences in intestinal carbohydrate metabolism promote food intake and sperm maturationHudry, B; De Goeij, E; Mineo, A; Gaspar, P; Hadjieconomou, D, et al
Oct-2019Genomic imprinting and its effects on postnatal growth and adult metabolismMillership, SJ; Van de Pette, M; Withers, DJ
9-Aug-2019WWP2 regulates pathological cardiac fibrosis by modulating SMAD2 signalingChen, H; Moreno-Moral, A; Pesce, F; Devapragash, N; Mancini, M, et al