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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2010Nucleosome-interacting proteins regulated by DNA and histone methylation.Bartke, T; Vermeulen, M; Xhemalce, B; Robson, SC; Mann, M, et al
17-Feb-2012Role of Novel Rat-specific Fc Receptor in Macrophage Activation Associated with Crescentic GlomerulonephritisPage, TH; D'Souza, Z; Nakanishi, S; Serikawa, T; Pusey, CD, et al
1-Apr-2012Cohesin and chromatin organisationSeitan, VC; Merkenschlager, M
16-Apr-2013Increased axonal bouton dynamics in the aging mouse cortexGrillo, FW; Song, S; Ruivo, LMT-G; Huang, L; Gao, G, et al
5-Nov-2015Continuous histone replacement by Hira is essential for normal transcriptional regulation and efficient de novo DNA methylation during mouse oogenesisHajkova, P; Nashun, B; Hill, PWS; Smallwood, S; Dharmalingam, G, et al
1-Apr-2012Metabotyping of Long-Lived Mice using H-1 NMR SpectroscopyWijeyesekera, A; Selman, C; Barton, RH; Holmes, E; Nicholson, JK, et al
17-Oct-2018Oxidative stress in sperm affects the epigenetic reprogramming in early embryonic developmentWyck, S; Herrera, C; Requena, CE; Bittner, L; Hajkova, P, et al
9-Jan-2018Esrrb Complementation Rescues Development of Nanog-Null Germ CellsZhang, M; Leitch, HG; Tang, WWC; Festuccia, N; Hall-Ponsele, E, et al
10-Mar-2016Cdkn1c boosts the development of brown adipose tissue in a murine model of Silver Russell syndrome.Van De Pette, M; Tunster, SJ; McNamara, GI; Shelkovnikova, T; Millership, S, et al
6-Mar-2018A comprehensive model for the proliferation-quiescence decision in response to endogenous DNA damage in human cellsHeldt, FS; Barr, AR; Cooper, S; Bakal, C; Novak, B