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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2018Evolutionary analysis indicates that DNA alkylation damage is a byproduct of cytosine DNA methyltransferase activityRosic, S; Amouroux, R; Requena, C; Gomes, A; Rane, J, et al
1-Jan-2016Microglial activity in people at ultra high risk of psychosis and in schizophrenia; an [11C]PBR28 PET brain imaging studyBloomfield, P; Sudhakar, S; Veronese, V; Rizzo, G; Bertoldo, A, et al
5-Sep-2017An Alternative STAT Signaling Pathway Acts in Viral Immunity in Caenorhabditis elegansSarkies, P; Tanguy, M; Veron, L; Stempor, P; Ahringer, J, et al
25-Mar-2019Comparative epigenomics reveals that RNA polymerase II pausing and chromatin domain organization control nematode piRNA biogenesisBeltran, T; Barroso, C; Birkle, TY; Stevens, L; Schwartz, HT, et al
12-Apr-2017Non-random inversion landscapes in prokaryotic genomes are shaped by heterogeneous selection pressuresRepar, J; Warnecke, T; Imperial College London; Medical Research Council
28-Jun-2016EphrinB2 drives perivascular invasion and proliferation of glioblastoma stem-like cellsKrusche, B; Ottone, C; Clements, MP; Johnstone, E; Goetsch, K, et al
23-Sep-2015Pharmacogenetic stimulation of cholinergic pedunculopontine neurons reverses motor deficits in a rat model of Parkinson’s diseaseIlse S. Pienaar; Sarah E. Gartside; Puneet Sharma; De Paola, V; Sabine Gretenkord, et al
1-Dec-2015Imaging Translocator Protein (TSPO) in subjects at high risk of psychosis and in schizophrenia: An [11C] PBR28 pet brain imaging studySelvaraj, S; Bloomfield, P; Veronese, M; Rizzo, G; Bertoldo, A, et al
23-Mar-2018Normal mitochondrial function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae has become dependent on inefficient splicingRudan, M; Dib, PB; Musa, M; Kanunnikau, M; Sobocanec, S, et al
30-Mar-2017Mobile introns shape the genetic diversity of their host genesRepar, J; Warnecke, T; Imperial College London; Medical Research Council