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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-May-2016Replicating repetitive DNATognetti, S; Speck, C; Wellcome Trust; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
13-Jul-2016Identification of a nutrient sensing transcriptional network in monocytes by using inbred rat models of cafeteria dietMartinez-Micaelo, N; Gonzalez-Abuin, N; Terra, X; Ardevol, A; Pinent, M, et al
3-May-2017Corrigendum: Regulation of monocyte cell fate by blood vessels mediated by Notch signallingGamrekelashvili, J; Giagnorio, R; Jussofie, J; Soehnlein, O; Duchene, J, et al
18-Feb-2015Identification of protein complexes that bind to histone H3 combinatorial modifications using super-SILAC and weighted correlation network analysisKunowska, N; Rotival, M; Yu, L; Choudhary, J; Dillon, N
16-Jun-2016Hypoxia causes increased monocyte nitric oxide synthesis which is mediated by changes in Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase 2 expression in animal and human models of normobaric hypoxiaLambden, S; Martin, D; Vanezis, K; Lee, B; Tomlinson, J, et al
15-Mar-2014An H3K9/S10 methyl-phospho switch modulates Polycomb and Pol II binding at repressed genes during differentiationSabbattini, P; Sjoberg, M; Nikic, S; Frangini, A; Holmqvist, P-H, et al
31-Jan-2017miR-182 Regulates Slit2-Mediated Axon Guidance by Modulating the Local Translation of a Specific mRNABellon, A; Iyer, A; Bridi, S; Lee, FCY; Ovando-Vazquez, C, et al
12-Sep-2017Ret receptor tyrosine kinase sustains proliferation and tissue maturation in intestinal epithelia.Perea, D; Guiu, J; Hudry, B; Konstantinidou, C; Milona, A, et al
11-Sep-2017An embryonic system to assess direct and indirect Wnt transcriptional targetsSuresh, J; Harmston, N; Lim, KK; Kaur, P; Jin, HJ, et al
19-Jul-2015Chromatin deregulation in diseaseMirabella, AC; Foster, BM; Bartke, T; Commission of the European Communities