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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2015Global Shifts in Genome and Proteome Composition Are Very Tightly CoupledBrbic, M; Warnecke, T; Krisko, A; Supek, F
1-Sep-2014Hydroxymethylated Cytosines Are Associated with Elevated C to G Transversion RatesSupek, F; Lehner, B; Hajkova, P; Warnecke, T
30-Mar-2017Elevated rate of genome rearrangements in radiation-resistant bacteriaRepar, J; Supek, F; Klanjscek, T; Warnecke, T; Zahradka, K, et al
25-Mar-2015RNA chaperones buffer deleterious mutations in E. coliRudan, M; Schneider, D; Warnecke, T; Krisko, A
24-Oct-2016KDM2A integrates DNA and histone modification signals through a CXXC/PHD module and direct interaction with HP1Borgel, J; Tyl, M; Schiller, K; Pusztai, S; Dooley, CM, et al
12-Apr-2017Non-random inversion landscapes in prokaryotic genomes are shaped by heterogeneous selection pressuresRepar, J; Warnecke, T; Imperial College London; Medical Research Council
23-Mar-2018Normal mitochondrial function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae has become dependent on inefficient splicingRudan, M; Dib, PB; Musa, M; Kanunnikau, M; Sobocanec, S, et al
30-Mar-2017Mobile introns shape the genetic diversity of their host genesRepar, J; Warnecke, T; Imperial College London; Medical Research Council
18-Dec-2017The genetic basis and evolution of red blood cell sickling in deerEsin, A; Bergendahl, LT; Savolainen, V; Marsh, JA; Warnecke, T, et al