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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Feb-2016Naturally Occurring Isoleucyl-tRNA Synthetase without tRNA-dependent Pre-transfer EditingCvetesic, N; Dulic, M; Bilus, M; Sostaric, N; Lenhard, B, et al
21-Jan-2016TFBSTools: an R/bioconductor package for transcription factor binding site analysis.Tan, G; Lenhard, B
25-Jan-2017Allele-specific analysis of cell fusion-mediated pluripotent reprograming reveals distinct and predictive susceptibilities of human X-linked genes to reactivationCantone, I; Dharmalingam, G; Chan, YW; Kohler, AC; Lenhard, B, et al
1-Jan-2009Synorth: exploring the evolution of synteny and long-range regulatory interactions in vertebrate genomesDong, X; Fredman, D; Lenhard, B
1-Jan-2009Transcriptional features of genomic regulatory blocksAkalin, A; Fredman, D; Arner, E; Dong, X; Bryne, JC, et al
1-Jan-2008Ancora: a web resource for exploring highly conserved noncoding elements and their association with developmental regulatory genesEngstrom, PG; Fredman, D; Lenhard, B
17-Nov-2015GenomicInteractions: An R/Bioconductor package for manipulating and investigating chromatin interaction dataHarmston, N; Ing-Simmons, E; Perry, M; Baresic, A; Lenhard, B
16-Jan-2016Promoter architectures and developmental gene regulation.Haberle, V; Lenhard, B
23-Nov-2015Control of developmentally primed erythroid genes by combinatorial co-repressor actionsStadhouders, R; Cico, A; Stephen, T; Thongjuea, S; Kolovos, P, et al
15-Dec-2015Transcriptional, post-transcriptional and chromatin-associated regulation of pri-miRNAs, pre-miRNAs and moRNAsNepal, C; Coolen, M; Hadzhiev, Y; Cussigh, D; Mydel, P, et al