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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Overexpression of TET dioxygenases in seminomas associates with low levels of DNA methylation and hydroxymethylationBenesova, M; Trejbalova, K; Kucerova, D; Vernerova, Z; Hron, T, et al
15-Dec-2010Prmt5 is essential for early mouse development and acts in the cytoplasm to maintain ES cell pluripotencyTee, W-W; Pardo, M; Theunissen, TW; Yu, L; Choudhary, JS, et al
5-Mar-2008MicroRNA Biogenesis Is Required for Mouse Primordial Germ Cell Development and SpermatogenesisHayashi, K; Lopes, SMCDS; Kaneda, M; Tang, F; Hajkova, P, et al
23-Aug-2014Current technological advances in mapping new DNA modificationsAmouroux, R; McEwen, KR; Hajkova, P
5-Nov-2015Continuous histone replacement by Hira is essential for normal transcriptional regulation and efficient de novo DNA methylation during mouse oogenesisHajkova, P; Nashun, B; Hill, PWS; Smallwood, S; Dharmalingam, G, et al
28-Mar-2013Different Roles for Tet1 and Tet2 Proteins in Reprogramming-Mediated Erasure of Imprints Induced by EGC FusionPiccolo, FM; Bagci, H; Brown, KE; Landeira, D; Soza-Ried, J, et al
6-Mar-2018Eggs sense high-fat dietHajkova, P; Leitch, HG
17-Aug-2016DNA (de)methylation: the passive route to naivety?Leitch, HG; Surani, MA; Hajkova, P
30-Jun-2016Characterisation of the Epigenetic Changes During Human Gonadal Primordial Germ Cells ReprogrammingEguizabal, C; Herrera, L; De Onate, L; Montserrat, N; Hajkova, P, et al
1-Mar-2013Naive pluripotency is associated with global DNA hypomethylationLeitch, HG; McEwen, KR; Turp, A; Encheva, V; Carroll, T, et al