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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2017An efficient method for generation of bi-allelic null mutant mouse embryonic stem cells and its application for investigating epigenetic modifiers.Fisher, CL; Marks, H; Cho, LT-Y; Andrews, R; Wormald, S, et al
13-Oct-2016SWI/SNF regulates a transcriptional programme that induces senescence to prevent liver cancerTordella, L; Khan, S; Hohmeyer, A; Banito, A; Klotz, S, et al
20-Mar-2017A high-resolution map of transcriptional repressionLiang, Z; Brown, KE; Carroll, T; Taylor, B; Vidal, IF, et al
25-Feb-2015microRNAs Regulate Cell-to-Cell Variability of Endogenous Target Gene Expression in Developing Mouse ThymocytesBlevins, R; Bruno, L; Carroll, T; Elliott, J; Marcais, A, et al
20-Oct-2014microRNA-mediated regulation of mTOR complex components facilitates discrimination between activation and anergy in CD4 T cellsMarcais, A; Blevins, R; Graumann, J; Feytout, A; Dharmalingam, G, et al
15-Mar-2014An H3K9/S10 methyl-phospho switch modulates Polycomb and Pol II binding at repressed genes during differentiationSabbattini, P; Sjoberg, M; Nikic, S; Frangini, A; Holmqvist, P-H, et al
12-Sep-2017Ret receptor tyrosine kinase sustains proliferation and tissue maturation in intestinal epithelia.Perea, D; Guiu, J; Hudry, B; Konstantinidou, C; Milona, A, et al
14-Nov-2017Coupling shRNA screens with single-cell RNA-Seq identifies a dual role for mTOR in reprogramming-induced senescenceAarts, M; Georgilis, A; Beniazza, M; Beolchi, P; Banito, A, et al
1-Mar-2013Naive pluripotency is associated with global DNA hypomethylationLeitch, HG; McEwen, KR; Turp, A; Encheva, V; Carroll, T, et al
1-Jan-2015Initiation and maintenance of pluripotency gene expression in the absence of cohesinLavagnolli, T; Gupta, P; Hoermanseder, E; Mira-Bontenbal, H; Dharmalingam, G, et al