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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2012An unbiased assessment of the role of imprinted genes in an intergenerational model of developmental programming.Radford, EJ; Isganaitis, E; Jimenez-Chillaron, J; Schroeder, J; Molla, M, et al
1-Aug-2014A unique DNA entry gate serves for regulated loading of the eukaryotic replicative helicase MCM2-7 onto DNA.Samel, SA; Fernández-Cid, A; Sun, J; Riera, A; Tognetti, S, et al
12-Oct-2014Switch on the engine: how the eukaryotic replicative helicase MCM2–7 becomes activatedTognetti, S; Riera, A; Speck, C
1-Nov-2014The effects of hemorrhagic parenchymal infarction on the establishment of sensori-motor structural and functional connectivity in early infancyArichi, T; Counsell, SJ; Allievi, AG; Chew, AT; Martinez-Biarge, M, et al
1-Feb-2013In the absence of ATPase activity, pre-RC formation is blocked prior to MCM2-7 hexamer dimerizationEvrin, C; Fernandez-Cid, A; Zech, J; Herrera, MC; Riera, A, et al
14-Jul-2013Cryo-EM structure of a helicase loading intermediate containing ORC-Cdc6-Cdt1-MCM2-7 bound to DNASun, J; Evrin, C; Samel, SA; Fernandez-Cid, A; Riera, A, et al
10-Mar-2014The ORC/Cdc6/MCM2-7 complex facilitates MCM2-7 dimerization during prereplicative complex formation.Evrin, C; Fernández-Cid, A; Riera, A; Zech, J; Clarke, P, et al
6-Jul-2011Lack of LDL Receptor Enhances Amyloid Deposition and Decreases Glial Response in an Alzheimer's Disease Mouse ModelKatsouri, L; Georgopoulos, S
31-Dec-2014Ageing as developmental decay: insights from p16(INK4a.)Martin, N; Beach, D; Gil, J
15-Oct-2014Structural and mechanistic insights into Mcm2-7 double-hexamer assembly and function.Sun, J; Fernandez-Cid, A; Riera, A; Tognetti, S; Yuan, Z, et al