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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Long-term, high-resolution imaging in the mouse neocortex through a chronic cranial windowHoltmaat, A; Bonhoeffer, T; Chow, DK; Chuckowree, J; De Paola, V, et al
24-Mar-2009Phasic excitation of dopamine neurons in ventral VTA by noxious stimuliBrischoux, F; Chakraborty, S; Brierley, DI; Ungless, MA
1-Jan-2009Modulation of Rac1 Activity by ADMA/DDAH Regulates Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier FunctionWojciak-Stothard, B; Torondel, B; Zhao, L; Renne, T; Leiper, JM
1-Aug-2005Diverse modes of axon elaboration in the developing neocortexPortera-Cailliau, C; Weimer, RM; De Paola, V; Caroni, P; Svoboda, K
11-Mar-2008Postmitotic specification of Drosophila insulinergic neurons from pioneer neurons.Miguel-Aliaga, I; Thor, S; Gould, AP
1-Oct-2006Heritability and tissue specificity of expression quantitative trait lociPetretto, E; Mangion, J; Dickens, NJ; Cook, SA; Kumaran, MK, et al
29-Jul-2008The architecture of the DNA replication origin recognition complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Chen, Z; Speck, C; Wendel, P; Tang, C; Stillman, B, et al
1-Jan-2009A high-throughput splinkerette-PCR method for the isolation and sequencing of retroviral insertion sitesUren, AG; Mikkers, H; Kool, J; van der Weyden, L; Lund, AH, et al
16-May-2008Large-scale mutagenesis in p19(ARF)- and p53- Deficient mice identifies cancer genes and their collaborative networksUren, AG; Kool, J; Matentzoglu, K; de Ridder, J; Mattison, J, et al
5-Mar-2008MicroRNA Biogenesis Is Required for Mouse Primordial Germ Cell Development and SpermatogenesisHayashi, K; Lopes, SMCDS; Kaneda, M; Tang, F; Hajkova, P, et al