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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2016Targeting aberrant epigenetic networks mediated by PRMT1 and KDM4C in acute myeloid leukemiaCheung, N; Fung, TK; Zeisig, BB; Holmes, K; Rane, JK, et al
2-Sep-2016A full-body transcriptome and proteome resource for the European common carp.Kolder, IC; Van der Plas-Duivesteijn, SJ; Tan, G; Wiegertjes, GF; Forlenza, M, et al
3-Nov-2015JASPAR 2016: a major expansion and update of the open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles.Mathelier, A; Fornes, O; Arenillas, DJ; Chen, CY; Denay, G, et al
1-May-2018Integrated analysis sheds light on evolutionary trajectories of young transcription start sites in the human genomeLi, C; Lenhard, B; Luscombe, NM
8-Feb-2017Core promoters across the genomeCvetesic, N; Lenhard, B
5-Sep-2017Topologically associating domains are ancient features that coincide with Metazoan clusters of extreme noncoding conservation.Harmston, N; Ing-Simmons, E; Tan, G; Perry, M; Merkenschlager, M, et al
1-Apr-2015Spatial enhancer clustering and regulation of enhancer-proximal genes by cohesin.Ing-Simmons, E; Seitan, V; Faure, A; Flicek, P; Carroll, T, et al
7-Nov-2017Conserved non-coding elements: developmental gene regulation meets genome organization.Polychronopoulos, D; King, JWD; Nash, AJ; Tan, G; Lenhard, B
13-Nov-2017JASPAR 2018: update of the open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles and its web framework.Khan, A; Fornes, O; Stigliani, A; Gheorghe, M; Castro-Mondragon, JA, et al
26-Feb-2018Distinct core promoter codes drive transcription initiation at key developmental transitions in a marine chordateDanks, GB; Navratilova, P; Lenhard, B; Thompson, EM