Effects of psilocybin therapy on personality structure

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Title: Effects of psilocybin therapy on personality structure
Author(s): Erritzoe, D
Roseman, L
Nour, MM
MacLean, K
Kaelen, M
Nutt, DJ
Carhart-Harris, RL
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Objective: To explore whether psilocybin with psychological support modulate s personality parameters in patients suffering from treatment -­‐ resistant depression (TRD). Method: Twenty patients with moderate or severe, unipolar, TRD received oral psilocybin (10 and 25 mg, one week apart) in a supportive setting. Personality was assessed at baseline and at 3 months follow -­‐ up using the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO -­‐ PI -­‐ R) , the subjective psilocybin experience with Altered State of Consciousn ess (ASC) scale, and depressive symptoms with QIDS -­‐ SR16 . Results: Neuroticism scores significantly decreased whilst Extraversion increased following psilocybin therapy . These change were in the direction of the normative NEO -­‐ PI -­‐ R data, and were both pred icted , in an exploratory analysis , by the degree of “insightfulness” experienced during the ps ilocybin session . Openness scores also significantly increased following psilocybin , whereas Conscientiousness showed trend -­‐ level increase s and Agreeableness did not change. Conclusion : Our observation of changes in personality measures after psilocybin therapy were mostly consistent with reports of personality change in relation to conventional antidepressant treatment , although the pron ounced i ncreases in Ex traversion and Openness might constitute a n effect more specific to psychedelic therapy . T his needs further exploration in future controlled studies, as do the brain mechanisms of post -­‐ psychedelic personality change .
Publication Date: 19-Jun-2018
Date of Acceptance: 6-May-2018
ISSN: 1600-0447
Publisher: Wiley
Journal / Book Title: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
Copyright Statement: This paper is embargoed until publication. Once published it will be available fully open access.
Keywords: 11 Medical And Health Sciences
17 Psychology And Cognitive Sciences
Publication Status: Accepted
Embargo Date: publication subject to indefinite embargo
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