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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2010DNA Methylome of Familial Breast Cancer Identifies Distinct Profiles Defined by Mutation StatusFlanagan, JM; Cocciardi, S; Waddell, N; Johnstone, CN; Marsh, A, et al
10-Mar-2010Wnt-11 promotes neuroendocrine-like differentiation, survival and migration of prostate cancer cellsUysal-Onganer, P; Kawano, Y; Caro, M; Walker, MM; Diez, S, et al
15-Sep-2010Development of a new epidermal growth factor receptor positron emission tomography imaging agent based on the 3-cyanoquinoline core: Synthesis and biological evaluationPisaneschi, F; Nguyen, Q-D; Shamsaei, E; Glaser, M; Robins, E, et al
8-Mar-2010CD40 ligand induced cytotoxicity in carcinoma cells is enhanced by inhibition of metalloproteinase cleavage and delivery via a conditionally-replicating adenovirusElmetwali, T; Searle, PF; McNeish, I; Young, LS; Palmer, DH
1-Jun-2010Elevated expression of the metabolic regulator receptor-interacting protein 140 results in cardiac hypertrophy and impaired cardiac functionFritah, A; Steel, JH; Nichol, D; Parker, N; Williams, S, et al
12-May-2010Brg1 is required for Cdx2-mediated repression of Oct4 expression in mouse blastocystsWang, K; Sengupta, S; Magnani, L; Wilson, CA; Henry, RW, et al
1-Sep-2010mRNA escape from stress granule sequestration is dictated by localization to the endoplasmic reticulumUnsworth, H; Raguz, S; Edwards, HJ; Higgins, CF; Yaguee, E
1-Dec-2010Escape from stress granule sequestration: another way to drug resistance?Yague, E; Raguz, S
1-May-2010Silencing of the JNK pathway maintains progesterone receptor activity in decidualizing human endometrial stromal cells exposed to oxidative stress signalsLeitao, B; Jones, MC; Fusi, L; Higham, J; Lee, Y, et al
27-Jul-2010Inflammatory cytokines and aromatase inhibitor-associated musculoskeletal syndrome: a case-control studyHenry, NL; Pchejetski, D; A'Hern, R; Nguyen, AT; Charles, P, et al