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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2018Copy-number signatures and mutational processes in ovarian carcinomaMacintyre, G; Goranova, TE; De Silva, D; Ennis, D; Piskorz, AM, et al
26-Jul-2019amplimap: a versatile tool to process and analyze targeted NGS dataKoelling, N; Bernkopf, M; Calpena, E; Maher, GJ; Miller, KA, et al
30-Jul-2019Teasing apart the multiple roles of Shp2 (Ptpn11) in spermatogenesisMaher, G; Goriely, A
13-Aug-2018microRNAs: novel regulators of the TGF- pathway in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaOttaviani, S; Castellano, L; Pancreatic Cancer UK; Imperial College Trust
1-Jul-2018Biomarker assessment of HR deficiency, tumor BRCA1/2 mutations and CCNE1 copy number in ovarian cancer: associations with clinical outcome following platinum monotherapyStronach, EA; Paul, J; Timms, KM; Hughes, E; Brown, K, et al
6-Jul-2018Variants in genes encoding small GTPases and association with epithelial ovarian cancer susceptibilityEarp, M; Tyrer, JP; Winham, SJ; Lin, H-Y; Chornokur, G, et al
1-May-2019Reduced FOXM1 expression limits trophoblast migration and angiogenesis and is associated with preeclampsiaMonteiro, LJ; Cubillos, S; Sanchez, M; Acuna-Gallardo, S; Venegas, P, et al
30-Apr-2018Carboplatin in BRCA1/2-mutated and triple-negative breast cancer BRCAness subgroups: the TNT TrialTutt, A; Tovey, H; Cheang, MCU; Kernaghan, S; Kilburn, L, et al
1-Jul-2019Identification of mutations in circulating cell-free tumour DNA as a biomarker in hepatocellular carcinomaHowell, J; Atkinson, SR; Pinato, DJ; Knapp, S; Ward, C, et al
28-May-2019Frizzled-7-targeted delivery of zinc oxide nanoparticles to drug-resistant breast cancer cellsRuenraroengsak, P; Kiryushko, D; Theodorou, IG; Klosowski, MM; Taylor, ER, et al