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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2015Paternal Hemizygosity in 11p15 in Mole-like Conceptuses: Two Case Reports.Sunde, L; Lund, H; J Sebire, N; Grove, A; Fisher, RA, et al
18-Jan-2017Correlations of Behavioral Deficits with Brain Pathology Assessed through Longitudinal MRI and Histopathology in the HdhQ150/Q150 Mouse Model of Huntington's DiseaseRattray, I; Smith, EJ; Crum, WR; Walker, TA; Gale, R, et al
6-Nov-2015Absence of Maternal Methylation in Biparental Hydatidiform Moles from Women with NLRP7 Maternal-Effect Mutations Reveals Widespread Placenta-Specific ImprintingSanchez-Delgado, M; Martin-Trujillo, A; Tayama, C; Vidal, E; Esteller, M, et al
24-Jul-2012A gene expression signature distinguishes normal tissues of sporadic and radiation-induced papillary thyroid carcinomasDom, G; Tarabichi, M; Unger, K; Thomas, G; Oczko-Wojciechowska, M, et al
11-Oct-2011Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Older Women (ACTION) Study – What did we learn from the Pilot Phase?Leonard R,; Ballinger, R; Cameron, D; Ellis, P; Fallowfield, LJ, et al
9-May-2012The Chernobyl Tissue Bank - A Repository for Biomaterial and Data Used in Integrative and Systems Biology Modeling the Human Response to RadiationThomas, G; Unger, K; Krznaric, M; Galpine, A; Bethel, J, et al
30-Jun-2014Anterior gradient protein 2 promotes survival, migration and invasion of papillary thyroid carcinoma cellsDi Maro, G; Salerno, P; Unger, K; Orlandella, FM; Monaco, M, et al
6-Sep-2016Prognostic sub-classification of intermediate-stage hepatocellular carcinoma: a multicenter cohort study with propensity score analysisRamaswami, R; Pinato, DJ; Kubota, K; Ishizuka, M; Arizumi, T, et al
2-Oct-2015convISA: A simple, convoluted method for isotopomer spectral analysis of fatty acids and cholesterolTredwell, GD; Keun, HC; Commission of the European Communities
2-Dec-2015A systems oncology approach identifies NT5E as a key metabolic regulator in tumor cells and modulator of platinum sensitivityNevedomskaya, E; Perryman, R; Solanki, S; Syed, N; Mayboroda, OA, et al