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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2016ICEC0942, an orally bioavailable selective inhibitor of CDK7 for breast cancerAli, S; Patel, H; Periyasamy, M; Bondke, A; Slafer, BW, et al
23-Aug-2016Identification of ABC Transporter Interaction of a Novel Cyanoquinoline Radiotracer and Implications for Tumour Imaging by Positron Emission TomographySlade, RL; Pisaneschi, F; Nguyen, QD; Smith, G; Carroll, L, et al
29-Jul-2016Early-life nutrition modulates the epigenetic state of specific rDNA genetic variants in miceHolland, ML; Lowe, R; Caton, PW; Gemma, C; Carbajosa, G, et al
3-Jun-2016DNMT1 Inhibition Reprograms Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells via Upregulation of the miR-17-92 ClusterZagorac, S; Alcala, S; Fernandez Bayon, G; Bou Kheir, T; Schoenhals, M, et al
25-Aug-201670-Gene Signature as an Aid to Treatment Decisions in Early-Stage Breast CancerCardoso, F; Van't Veer, LJ; Bogaerts, J; Slaets, L; Viale, G, et al
23-Oct-2016A novel role for GSK3β as a modulator of Drosha microprocessor activity and MicroRNA biogenesisBevan, CL; Fletcher, CE; Godfrey, JD; Shibakawa, A; Bushell, M, et al
3-Feb-2016Amyloid pathology and axonal injury after brain traumaScott, GPT; Ramlackhansingh, A; Edison, P; Hellyer, PJ; Cole, J, et al
30-Nov-2016Interlaboratory reproducibility of a targeted metabolomics platform for analysis of human serum and plasmaSiskos, AP; Jain, P; Romisch-Margl, W; Bennet, M; Achaintre, D, et al
4-Feb-2016Abnormal Villous Morphology Mimicking a Hydatidiform Mole Associated with Paternal Trisomy of Chromosomes 3,7,8 and Unipaternal Disomy of Chromosome 11.Sebire, NJ; May, PC; Kaur, B; Seckl, MJ; Fisher, RA
20-May-2016Oxidative metabolism drives inflammation-induced platinum resistance in human ovarian cancerMatassa, DS; Amoroso, MR; Lu, H; Avolio, R; Arzeni, D, et al