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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-May-2015Paclitaxel targets FOXM1 to regulate KIF20A in mitotic catastrophe and breast cancer paclitaxel resistance.Khongkow, P; Gomes, AR; Gong, C; Man, EP; Tsang, JW, et al
26-Oct-2015Dickkopf-3 regulates prostate epithelial cell acinar morphogenesis and prostate cancer cell invasion by limiting TGF-β-dependent activation of matrix metalloproteases.Romero, D; Al-Shareef, Z; Gorrono-Etxebarria, I; Atkins, S; Turrell, F, et al
28-Aug-2015FOXM1 is overexpressed in B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) and its inhibition sensitizes B-ALL cells to chemotherapeutic drugsLam, EW; Consolaro, F; Basso, G; Viola, G; Cancer Research UK
26-Oct-2015Preventing Damage Limitation: Targeting DNA-PKcs and DNA Double-Strand Break Repair Pathways for Ovarian Cancer Therapy.Dungl, DA; Maginn, EN; Stronach, EA
26-Aug-2015Canonical and noncanonical Wnt signaling in neural stem/progenitor cellsBengoa-Vergniory, N; Kypta, RM
17-Dec-2015Loss of Endometrial Plasticity in Recurrent Pregnancy LossLucas, ES; Dyer, NP; Murakami, K; Hou Lee, Y; Chan, YW, et al
1-May-2015Antiandrogens act as selective androgen receptor modulators at the proteome Level in prostate cancer cellsBrooke, GN; Gamble, SC; Hough, MA; Begum, S; Dart, DA, et al
14-Apr-2015Sexually dimorphic gene expression emerges with embryonic genome activation and is dynamic throughout developmentLowe, R; Gemma, C; Rakyan, VK; Holland, ML
2-Dec-2015LSD1 is essential for oocyte meiotic progression by regulating CDC25B expression in miceKim, J; Singh, AK; Takata, Y; Lin, K; Shen, J, et al
1-May-2015Myocardial MiR-30 downregulation triggered by doxorubicin drives alterations in beta-adrenergic signaling and enhances apoptosisRoca-Alonso, L; Castellano, L; Mills, A; Dabrowska, AF; Sikkel, MB, et al