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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Mar-2015The role of interleukin-8 (IL-8) and IL-8 receptors in platinum response in high grade serous ovarian carcinomaStronach, EA; Cunnea, P; Turner, C; Guney, T; Aiyappa, R, et al
19-May-2015Apoptosis inhibitor TRIAP1 is a novel effector of drug resistanceAdams, C; Cazzanelli, G; Rasul, S; Hitchinson, B; Hu, Y, et al
23-Dec-2015ChIP-BIT: Bayesian inference of target genes using a novel joint probabilistic model of ChIP-seq profiles.Chen, X; Jung, JG; Shajahan-Haq, AN; Clarke, R; Shih, IM, et al
12-Nov-2015miR-106b similar to 25 cluster regulates multidrug resistance in an ABC transporter-independent manner via downregulation of EP300Hu, Y; Li, K; Asaduzzaman, M; Cuella, R; Shi, H, et al
22-Apr-2015miR-218 targets survivin and regulates resistance to chemotherapeutics in breast cancerHu, Y; Xu, K; Yag├╝e, E
22-Dec-2015The pharmacokinetics of high-dose methotrexate in people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapyDalla Pria, A; Bendle, M; Ramaswami, R; Boffito, M; Bower, M
24-Jul-2015Aromatase inhibitors versus tamoxifen in early breast cancer: patient-level meta-analysis of the randomised trialsDowsett, M; Forbes, JF; Bradley, R; Ingle, J; Aihara, T, et al
1-Oct-2015PET imaging of steroid hormone receptor expressionAllott, L; Smith, G; Aboagye, EO; Carroll, L; Cancer Research UK
27-Oct-2015Microwave gallium-68 radiochemistry for kinetically stable bis(thiosemicarbazone) complexes: structural investigations and cellular uptake under hypoxiaAlam, IS; Arrowsmith, RL; Cortezon-Tamarit, F; Twyman, F; Kociok-Koehn, G, et al
30-Nov-2015New IR imaging modalities for cancer detection and for intra-cell chemical mapping with a sub-diffraction mid-IR s-SNOMAmrania, H; Drummond, L; Coombes, RC; Shousha, S; Woodley-Barker, L, et al