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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2014Interplay between steroid signalling and microRNAs: implications for hormone-dependent cancersFletcher, CE; Dart, DA; Bevan, CL
14-Apr-2015Sexually dimorphic gene expression emerges with embryonic genome activation and is dynamic throughout developmentLowe, R; Gemma, C; Rakyan, VK; Holland, ML
1-Apr-2013Registration of challenging pre-clinical brain imagesCrum, WR; Modo, M; Vernon, AC; Barker, GJ; Williams, SCR
29-May-2013A comparison of automated anatomical-behavioural mapping methods in a rodent model of strokeCrum, WR; Giampietro, VP; Smith, EJ; Gorenkova, N; Stroemer, RP, et al
1-Mar-2013The transcriptional co-factor RIP140 regulates mammary gland development by promoting the generation of key mitogenic signalsNautiyal, J; Steel, JH; Mane, MR; Oduwole, O; Poliandri, A, et al
16-Oct-2011Deregulation of serum-and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase SGK1 in the endometrium causes reproductive failureSalker, MS; Christian, M; Steel, JH; Nautiyal, J; Lavery, S, et al
1-Jun-2010Elevated expression of the metabolic regulator receptor-interacting protein 140 results in cardiac hypertrophy and impaired cardiac functionFritah, A; Steel, JH; Nichol, D; Parker, N; Williams, S, et al
1-Apr-2005Role of the RIP140 corepressor in ovulation and adipose biologySteel, JH; White, R; Parker, MG
4-Sep-2007The transcriptional corepressor RIP140 regulates oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscleSeth, A; Steel, JH; Nichol, D; Pocock, V; Kumaran, MK, et al
12-May-2010Brg1 is required for Cdx2-mediated repression of Oct4 expression in mouse blastocystsWang, K; Sengupta, S; Magnani, L; Wilson, CA; Henry, RW, et al