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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2014Overexpression of Forkhead Box Protein M1 (FOXM1) in Ovarian Cancer Correlates with Poor Patient Survival and Contributes to Paclitaxel ResistanceZhao, F; Siu, MK; Jiang, L; Tam, KF; Ngan, HY, et al
23-Dec-2013SUMOylation inhibits FOXM1 activity and delays mitotic transitionMyatt, SS; Kongsema, M; Man, CW-Y; Kelly, DJ; Gomes, AR, et al
21-Oct-2013FOXM1 targets NBS1 to regulate DNA damage-induced senescence and epirubicin resistanceKhongkow, P; Karunarathna, U; Khongkow, M; Gong, C; Gomes, AR, et al
17-May-2013Progesterone and FOXO1 signaling: harnessing cellular senescence for the treatment of ovarian cancerBrosens, JJ; Lam, EW
29-Oct-2012The Forkhead Box M1 protein regulates BRIP1 expression and DNA damage repair in epirubicin treatmentMonteiro, LJ; Khongkow, P; Kongsema, M; Morris, JR; Man, C, et al
20-Jun-2012Rac1 signalling modulates a STAT5/BCL-6 transcriptional switch on cell-cycle-associated target gene promotersBarros, P; Lam, EW-F; Jordan, P; Matos, P
29-Mar-2012The Transcription Factor EncyclopediaYusuf, D; Butland, SL; Swanson, MI; Bolotin, E; Ticoll, A, et al
21-Dec-2010Overexpression of proto-oncogene FBI-1 activates membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase in association with adverse outcome in ovarian cancersJiang, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Tam, KF; Lam, EW-F, et al
28-Sep-2010Sustained Spindle-Assembly Checkpoint Response Requires De Novo Transcription and Translation of Cyclin B1Mena, AL; Lam, EW-F; Chatterjee, S
20-Aug-2010Constitutively Nuclear FOXO3a Localization Predicts Poor Survival and Promotes Akt Phosphorylation in Breast CancerChen, J; Gomes, AR; Monteiro, LJ; Wong, SY; Wu, LH, et al