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18-Jun-2012Fatty acid-binding protein 4 impairs the insulin-dependent nitric oxide pathway in vascular endothelial cellsAragonès, G; Saavedra, P; Heras, M; Cabré, A; Girona, J, et al
5-Nov-2009Hes-6, an inhibitor of Hes-1, is regulated by 17β-estradiol and promotes breast cancer cell proliferationHartman, J; Lam, EW-F; Gustafsson, J-A; Strom, A
13-Dec-2013Hippocampal Hypertrophy and Sleep Apnea: A Role for the Ischemic Preconditioning?Rosenzweig, I; Kempton, MJ; Crum, WR; Glasser, M; Milosevic, M, et al
31-Aug-2016Role and regulation of the forkhead transcription factors FOXO3a and FOXM1 in carcinogenesis and drug resistanceGomes, AR; Zhao, F; Lam, EW
11-Mar-2016Surgical excision alone for stage T1 anal verge cancers in people living with HIV.Alfa-Wali, M; Dalla Pria, A; Nelson, M; Tekkis, P; Bower, M
10-Apr-2013miR-23b regulates cytoskeletal remodeling, motility and metastasis by directly targeting multiple transcriptsPellegrino, L; Stebbing, J; Braga, VM; Frampton, AE; Jacob, J, et al
15-Jan-2013Deep sequencing of small RNAs identifies canonical and non-canonical miRNA and endogenous siRNAs in mammalian somatic tissuesCastellano, L; Stebbing, J
23-Jun-2009Expression of FOXA1 and GATA-3 in breast cancer: the prognostic significance in hormone receptor-negative tumoursAlbergaria, A; Paredes, J; Sousa, B; Milanezi, F; Carneiro, V, et al
20-Feb-2006Histone deacetylase inhibitor, Trichostatin A induces ubiquitin-dependent cyclin D1 degradation in MCF-7 breast cancer cellsAlao, JP; Stavropoulou, AV; Lam, EW-F; Coombes, RC; Vigushin, DM
1-Jul-2014Cellular senescence and aging: the role of B-MYBMowla, SN; Lam, EW; Jat, PS