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26-Mar-2004AMP-activated protein kinase plays a role in the control of food intake.Andersson, U; Filipsson, K; Abbott, CR; Woods, A; Smith, K, et al
2-Sep-2004Altered SMRT levels disrupt vitamin D3 receptor signalling in prostate cancer cells.Khanim, FL; Gommersall, LM; Wood, VH; Smith, KL; Montalvo, L, et al
1-Nov-2004Triiodothyronine stimulates food intake via the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus independent of changes in energy expenditure.Kong, WM; Martin, NM; Smith, KL; Gardiner, JV; Connoley, IP, et al
1-Oct-2004Central and peripheral administration of kisspeptin-10 stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.Thompson, EL; Patterson, M; Murphy, KG; Smith, KL; Dhillo, WS, et al
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