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1-Jan-2019Evaporating black-holes, wormholes, and vacuum polarisation: must they always conserve charge?Gratus, J; Kinsler, P; McCall, M
1-Dec-1999Excimer laser ablation of microstructures: A numerical modelPaterson, C; Holmes, AS; Smith, RW
1-Feb-2015Fiber grating compression of giant-chirped nanosecond pulses from an ultra-long nanotube mode-locked fiber laserWoodward, RI; Kelleher, EJR; Runcorn, TH; Loranger, S; Popa, D, et al
1-Nov-2017Fiber-integrated Brillouin microspectroscopy: towards Brillouin endoscopyKabakova, IV; Xiang, Y; Paterson, C; Torok, P; Renishaw Plc, et al
5-Jun-2015Fiber-integrated frequency-doubling of a picosecond Raman laser to 560 nmRuncorn, T; Legg, T; murray, RT; kelleher, EJR; popov, SV, et al
1-May-2015Fibre-coupled multiphoton microscope with adaptive motion compensationSherlock, B; Warren, S; Stone, J; Neil, M; Paterson, C, et al
3-May-2016Fibre-coupled red diode-pumped Alexandrite TEM00 laser with single and double-pass end-pumpingArbabzadah, EA; Damzen, MJ; European Space Agency / Estec
7-Jun-2019Field correlations in surface plasmon speckleForeman, M; Royal Society; The Royal Society
8-Jun-2019Field correlations in surface plasmon speckleForeman, MR; Royal Society; The Royal Society
20-Oct-2007Fluorescence lifetime imaging by using time-gated data acquisitionSoloviev, VY; Tahir, KB; McGinty, J; Elson, DS; Neil, MAA, et al
1-Jan-2011Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging EndoscopyKennedy, GT; Coda, S; Thompson, AJ; Elson, DS; Neil, MAA, et al
1-Nov-2009Focusing of spatially inhomogeneous partially coherent, partially polarized electromagnetic fieldsForeman, MR; Torok, P
1-Sep-2009Four Poynting theoremsKinsler, P; Favaro, A; McCall, MW
15-Dec-2011Förster resonance energy transfer imaging in vivo with approximated radiative transfer equationSoloviev, VY; McGinty, J; Stuckey, DW; Laine, R; Wylezinska-Arridge, M, et al
4-May-2010FRET data of PLCeFrench, P; Margineanu, A; Katan, M
25-Jun-2015Gain-switched diode laser seeding of ultra-high-gain Nd: YVO 4 bounce amplifier system as a versatile pulsed laser sourceTeppitaksak, A; Thomas, GM; Damzen, MJ; European Space Agency / Estec
11-Nov-2017Generalized transformation design: metrics, speeds, and diffusionKinsler, P; McCall, MW
25-Jul-2017Genetic algorithm-based control of birefringent filtering for self-tuning, self-pulsing fiber lasersWoodward, RI; Kelleher, E
9-Jul-2018Heterogeneity in tumor chromatin-doxorubicin binding revealed by in vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging confocal endomicroscopySparks, H; Kondo, H; Hooper, S; Munro, I; Kennedy, G, et al
13-Mar-2017High average power parametric wavelength conversion at 3.31–3.48 μm in MgO:PPLNMurray, RT; Runcorn, TH; Guha, S; Taylor, JR; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 61 to 80 of 187