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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2017OPTiM: optical projection tomography integrated microscope using open-source hardware and softwareWatson; Andrews, N; Davis, S; Bugeon, L; Dallman, M, et al
14-Feb-2019Single-neuron level one-photon voltage imaging with sparsely targeted genetically encoded voltage indicatorsQuicke, P; Song, C; McKimm, EJ; Milosevic, MM; Howe, CL, et al
17-May-2016Highly efficient mid-infrared difference-frequency generation using synchronously pulsed fiber lasersMurray, RT; Runcorn, TH; Kelleher, EJR; Taylor, JR; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
1-Apr-2017High density, high radiance mu LED matrix for optogenetic retinal Prostheses and planar neural stimulationSoltan, A; McGovern, B; Drakakis, E; Neil, M; Maaskant, P, et al
2-Jul-2018Acoustic wave sparsely-activated localization microscopy (AWSALM): super-resolution ultrasound imaging using acoustic activation and deactivation of nanodropletsZhang, G; Harput, S; Lin, S; Christensen-Jeffries, K; Leow, CH, et al
15-Apr-2019Vortex laser by transforming Gaussian mode with an interferometric output couplerKerridge-Johns, W; Geberbauer, JWT; Damzen, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-May-2019Detection of proteoglycan loss from articular cartilage using Brillouin microscopy, with applications to osteoarthritisWu, P-J; Masouleh, MI; Paterson, C; Dini, D; Török, P, et al
24-Jun-2019Tunable, dual wavelength and self-Q-switched Alexandrite laser using crystal birefringence controlTawy, G; Damzen, M; European Space Agency / Estec; Innovate UK; European Space Agency
7-Jun-2019Field correlations in surface plasmon speckleForeman, M; Royal Society; The Royal Society
10-Jun-2011In vivo fluorescence lifetime tomography of a FRET probe expressed in mouseMcGinty, J; Stuckey, DW; Soloviev, VY; Laine, R; Wylezinska-Arridge, M, et al