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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2009Simplified theory of axial propagation through structurally chiral mediaMcCall, MW
1-Sep-2009Four Poynting theoremsKinsler, P; Favaro, A; McCall, MW
1-Feb-2011A spacetime cloak, or a history editorMcCall, MW; Favaro, A; Kinsler, P; Boardman, A
6-Jul-2016Variation in the circularly polarized light reflection of Lomaptera (Scarabaeidae) beetlesCarter, IE; Weir, K; McCall, MW; Parker, AR
17-Oct-2008Causality-Based Criteria for a Negative Refractive Index Must Be Used With CareKinsler, P; McCall, MW
18-Aug-2016Dispersion in space-time transformation opticsKinsler, P; Gratus, J; McCall, MW; Thompson, RT
29-Apr-2015The futures of transformations and metamaterialsKinsler, P; McCall, MW
12-Nov-2014Modes of structurally chiral lasersTopf, RDM; McCall, MW
1-Apr-2016The refractive index of reciprocal electromagnetic mediaMcCall, MW; Kinsler, P; Topf, RDM
11-Nov-2017Generalized transformation design: metrics, speeds, and diffusionKinsler, P; McCall, MW