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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2016Modulation Instability and Phase-Shifted Fermi-Pasta-Ulam RecurrenceKelleher, EJR; Kimmoun, O; Hsu, HC; Branger, H; Li, MS, et al
26-Jan-2017Characterisation of new gated optical image intensifiers for fluorescence lifetime imagingSparks, H; Gorlitz, F; Kelly, D; Warren, SC; Kellet, PA, et al
12-Apr-2018Stable centrosomal roots disentangle to allow interphase centriole independenceMahen, RWJ
29-Nov-2016Single-particle spectroscopy: whispers of absorptionForeman, MR
30-Oct-2016Plasmonic nanoprobes for stimulated emission depletion nanoscopyCort├ęs, E; Huidobro, PA; Sinclair, HG; Guldbrand, S; Peveler, WJ, et al
7-May-2018Performance of a wearable acoustic system for fetal movement discriminationLai, J; Woodward, R; Alexandrov, Y; Munnee, QA; Lees, CC, et al
27-Feb-2017Whispering gallery mode single nanoparticle detection and sizing: the validity of the dipole approximationForeman, MR; Keng, D; Treasurer, E; Lopez, JR; Arnold, S, et al
23-Dec-2013SUMOylation inhibits FOXM1 activity and delays mitotic transitionMyatt, SS; Kongsema, M; Man, CW-Y; Kelly, DJ; Gomes, AR, et al
24-Jun-2016Cell type-specific deletion in mice reveals roles for PAS kinase in insulin and glucagon productionRutter, GA; Semplici, F; Mondragon, A; Macintyre, B; Madeyski-Bengston, K, et al
22-Jan-2011Hyperspectral fluorescence lifetime fibre probe spectroscopy for use in the study and diagnosis of osteoarthritis and skin cancerThompson, A; Manning, H; Brydegaard, M; Coda, S; Kennedy, G, et al