Family Physicians and Public Health (Medico de familia na sauce publica)

Title: Family Physicians and Public Health (Medico de familia na sauce publica)
Authors: Rawaf, S
Item Type: Chapter
Abstract: Tratado de medicina de família e comunidade reúne especialistas de diferentes Estados brasileiros, além de importantes nomes estrangeiros.
Editors: Gusso, G
Lopes, JMC
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2012
ISBN: 8536327979
Publisher: Artmed Editora
Start Page: 19
End Page: 27
Journal / Book Title: Tratado de Medicina de Família e Comunidade 2 Volumes: Princípios, Formação e Prática
Copyright Statement: The author of this chapter, namely, Dr. Salman Rawaf, is hereby authorized to utilize, reproduce, publish, republish, and even cause further translations of this chapter for any purpose that he sees fit, including republishing the chapter in English and/or in any other language, except Portuguese, in publications of other publishers or any other entities, including universities, their departments, their divisions, their annexes or subsidiaries in any locale for any purpose, with the sole condition that the contents of the chapter not be exposed to any situation that would otherwise be prejudicial or mocking to the contents of the chapter. The contents of the chapter, whether in English or any other language, except Portuguese, may not be commercialized without express permission from the publisher. The authorization herein refers only to the permission of usage, storage, dibulgation, retention in record, etc., without any charge.
Keywords: Psychology
Article Number: 3
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Epidemiology, Public Health and Primary Care

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