Real-Time Monocular SLAM with Straight Lines

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Title: Real-Time Monocular SLAM with Straight Lines
Authors: Smith, P
Reid, ID
Davison, AJ
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: The use of line features in real-time visual tracking applications is commonplace when a prior map is available, but building the map while tracking in real-time is much more difficult. We describe how straight lines can be added to a monocular Extended Kalman Filter Simultaneous Mapping and Localisation (EKF SLAM) system in a manner that is both fast and which integrates easily with point features. To achieve real-time operation, we present a fast straight-line detector that hypothesises and tests straight lines connecting detected seed points. We demonstrate that the resulting system provides good camera localisation and mapping in real-time on a standard workstation, using either line features alone, or lines and points combined.
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2006
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ISBN: 1-904410-14-6
Publisher: BMVA
Presented At: British Machine Vision Conference
Start Page: 17
End Page: 26
Copyright Statement: © BMVA 2006
Conference Location: Edinburgh
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