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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-1999A domain-theoretic approach to computability on the real lineEdalat, A; Sunderhauf, P
28-Jul-2002Foundation of a computable solid modellingEdalat, A; Lieutier, A
1-Aug-2004An extension of Gleason's theorem for quantum computationEdalat, A
1-Jul-2000Integration in real PCFEdalat, A; Escardo, MH
28-Feb-1998A computational model for metric spacesEdalat, A; Heckmann, R
28-Nov-1997Bounding the attractor of an IFSEdalat, A; Sharp, D; While, L
1-Jan-1999Lazy computation with exact real numbersEdalat, A; Potts, PJ; Sunderhauf, P
28-May-1999Computable Banach spaces via domain theoryEdalat, A; Sunderhauf, P
1-Feb-1996Power domains and iterated function systemsEdalat, A
20-Nov-1998The generalized Riemann integral on locally compact spacesEdalat, A; Negri, S