Reward processing in motivational and affective disorders.

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Title: Reward processing in motivational and affective disorders.
Author(s): Skandali, N
Item Type: Book
Abstract: Explores reward processing as a dimension spanning affective, addictive and psychotic disorders. The contributors draw on cognitive neuroscience, computational and experimental psychology theories and methods aligned to the Research Domains Criteria ( RDoC) framework. A unifying theme is that maladaptive reward processing can be seen as reflecting distorted decision making, for instance over-valuing short term outcomes and under-valuing more distant eventualities. Cognitive processes including selective attention, long term potentiation of memories and decision making are susceptible to malfunctions in reward processing. Under-activated reward processing can contribute to depression, over-activation to addiction and aberrant activation to the perceptual and cognitive distortions that characterize schizophrenia.
Editor(s): Ryan, F
Skandali, N
Publication Date: 31-Dec-2016
ISBN: 9782889199860
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