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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2009Strongly representable atom structures of cylindric algebrasHirsch, R; Hodkinson, I
1-Mar-2006Complexity of monodic guarded fragments over linear and real timeHodkinson, I
1-May-2007Formalising workflow: A CCS-inspired characterisation of the YAWL workflow patternsFarrell, ADH; Sergot, MJ
30-Jun-2005The KGP model of Agency for Decision Making in e-NegotiationStathis, K; Toni, F
1-Jan-2001Axiomatizing complex algebras by gamesHodkinson, I; Mikulas, S; Venema, Y
1-Jul-2002Computational aspects of the FLBC frameworkDaskalopulu, A; Sergot, M
1-Jan-2005Canonical varieties with no canonical axiomatisationHodkinson, I; Venema, Y
5-Dec-2001Relation algebras from cylindric algebras, IHirsch, R; Hodkinson, I
1-Jan-2006Negotiating socially optimal allocations of resourcesEndriss, U; Maudet, N; Sadri, F; Toni, F
1-Dec-2000Decidable fragments of first-order temporal logicsHodkinson, I; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M