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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1998An heuristic pattern correction scheme for GRNNs and its application to speech recognitionHoya, T; Constantinides, AG
1-Sep-2003The impact of sensor positioning on the array manifoldSleiman, A; Manikas, A
1-Jan-1996An intelligent LMS+F algorithmPazaitis, DI; Constantinides, AG
1-Jun-1999Investigative study of planar array ambiguities based on "hyperhelical" parameterizationManikas, A; Proukakis, C; Lefkaditis, V
1-Jan-1996A kurtosis-driven variable step-size LMS algorithmPazaitis, DI; Constantinides, AG
1-Mar-2001Manifold studies of nonlinear antenna array geometriesManikas, A; Sleiman, A; Dacos, I
1-Jul-2005MMSE multiuser detection for array multicarrier DS-CDMA in fading channelsSadler, DJ; Manikas, A
1-Aug-1998Modeling and estimation of ambiguities in linear arraysManikas, A; Proukakis, C
1-Jan-1999Modelling energy flow in the vocal tract with applications to glottal closure and opening detectionBrookes, DM; Loke, HP
1-Apr-2004Multiple light source detection.Bouganis, CS; Brookes, M
1-Jan-2003Multiple-input multiple-output least-squares constant modulus algorithmsSansrimahachai, P; Ward, DB; Constantinides, AG
1-Apr-1999A new family of blind adaptive equalization algorithmsBaykal, B; Tanrikulu, O; Constantinides, AG; Chambers, JA
1-Sep-1997New normalized constant modulus algorithms with relaxationTanrikulu, O; Constantinides, AG; Chambers, JA
1-Jan-2003New receiver for joint blind equalization and carrier phase recovery of QAM signalsChen, S; Constantinides, AG
1-Jul-2006A novel algorithm for the adaptation of the pole of Laguerre filtersBoukis, C; Mandic, DP; Constantinides, AG; Polymenakos, LC
1-Aug-2006On the effects of memoryless nonlinearities on M-QAM and DQPSK OFDM signalsChorti, A; Brookes, M
1-Jan-2004Optimum SINR receiver in dispersive CDMA channelsChen, S; Constantinides, AG
1-Jul-2006Performance analysis of dynamic acoustic source separation in reverberant roomsTalantzis, F; Ward, DB; Naylor, PA
1-Jun-2000A polynomial rooting approach to super-resolution array designDowlut, N; Manikas, A
1-May-1996Power spectrum estimation from values of noisy autocorrelationsNeira, LR; Constantinides, AG
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 57