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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2002Semi-blind MIMO channel tracking using auxiliary particle filteringChin, WH; Ward, DB; Constantinides, AG
1-Jan-2003Multiple-input multiple-output least-squares constant modulus algorithmsSansrimahachai, P; Ward, DB; Constantinides, AG
1-Nov-1998Sliding window adaptive fast QR and QR-lattice algorithmsBaykal, B; Constantinides, AG
1-Aug-1998Cascaded power symmetric IIR filter banks and continuity constrained adaptive algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation in subbandsTanrikulu, O; Constantinides, AG
1-Jan-2002Fast convergent multiuser constant modulus algorithm for use in multiuser DS-CDMA environmentArasaratnam, P; Zhu, S; Constantinides, AG
1-Jun-2004An efficient recursive shortest spanning tree algorithm using linking propertiesKwok, SH; Constantinides, AG; Siu, WC
1-Jan-1996A kurtosis-driven variable step-size LMS algorithmPazaitis, DI; Constantinides, AG
1-Jan-2004Optimum SINR receiver in dispersive CDMA channelsChen, S; Constantinides, AG
1-Feb-1997A fast recursive shortest spanning tree for image segmentation and edge detection.Kwok, SH; Constantinides, AG
1-Apr-1997Residual echo signal in critically sampled subband acoustic echo cancellers based on IIR and FIR filter banksTanrikulu, O; Baykal, B; Constantinides, AG; Chambers, JA