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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2005Estimation of direction of arrival using information theoryTalantzis, F; Constantinides, AG; Polymenakos, LC
Apr-2007Smooth signal extraction from instantaneous mixturesMitianoudis, N; Stathaki, T; Constantinides, AG
Mar-2006A quantitative assessment of group delay methods for identifying glottal closures in voiced speechBrookes, M; Naylor, PA; Gudnason, J
Jan-2007Estimation of glottal closure instants in voiced speech using the DYPSA algorithmNaylor, PA; Kounoudes, A; Gudnason, J; Brookes, M
31-May-2006Stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation employing selective-tap adaptive algorithmsKhong,A.W.H.; Naylor,P.A.
1-Sep-2003The impact of sensor positioning on the array manifoldSleiman, A; Manikas, A
1-Jan-2003Soft decisions for DQPSK demodulation for the Viterbi decoding of the convolutional codesHewavithana, TC; Brookes, M
1-Jul-2006Performance analysis of dynamic acoustic source separation in reverberant roomsTalantzis, F; Ward, DB; Naylor, PA
1-Jan-2002Semi-blind MIMO channel tracking using auxiliary particle filteringChin, WH; Ward, DB; Constantinides, AG
1-Jul-2006A novel algorithm for the adaptation of the pole of Laguerre filtersBoukis, C; Mandic, DP; Constantinides, AG; Polymenakos, LC