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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2017Doubly-excited pulse waves on thin liquid films flowing down an inclined plane: An experimental and numerical studyAdebayo, I; Xie, Z; Che, Z; Matar, O;
9-Dec-2015Towards a Multi-Physics Modelling Framework for Thrombolysis under the Influence of Blood FlowXu, XY; Piebalgs, A;
21-Feb-2017Effects of Cl on the reduction of supported PdO in ethanol/water mixturesHii, KM; Brazier, JB;
29-May-2015Highly Water-Stable Zirconium Metal–Organic Framework UiO-66 Membranes Supported on Alumina Hollow Fibers for DesalinationLiu, X; Demir, NK; Wu, Z; Li, K;
2-Jun-2015Micro-structured Bi1.5Y0.3Sm0.2O3−δ catalysts for oxidative coupling of methaneOthman, NH; Wu, Z; Li, K;
21-Jul-2017Performance of working-fluid mixtures in ORC-CHP systems for different heat-demand segments and heat-recovery temperature levelsOyewunmi, OA; Kirmse, CJW; Pantaleo, AM; Markides, CN;
12-Aug-2015Operando XAFS of supported Pd nanoparticles in flowing ethanol/water mixtures: Implications for catalysis.Newton, MA; Brazier, JB; Barreiro, EM; Parry, S; Emmerich, H, et al
15-Jun-2018Spatial, temporal and quantitative assessment of catalyst leaching in continuous flowHii, KM; Hellgardt; Barreiro; Adrio, LA; Hao, Z, et al
4-Jun-2015Dynamic modelling of high biomass density cultivation and biohydrogen production in different scales of flat plate photobioreactorsZhang, D; Dechatiwongse, P; Del Rio-Chanona, EA; Maitland, GC; Hellgardt, K, et al
30-Jul-2016The effects of impregnation of precious metals on the catalytic activity of titanium silicate (TS-1) in epoxidation of propene using hydrogen peroxideShin, SB; Lee, D-W; Chadwick, D;