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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2016Multiscale molecular simulations of the formation and structure of polyamide membranes created by interfacial polymerizationMuscatello, J; Muller, EA; Mostofi, AA; Sutton, A;
31-Jul-2016Micro-to nano-scale characterisation of polyamide structures of the SW30HR RO membrane using advanced electron microscopy and stain tracersKlosowski, MM; McGilvery, CM; Li, Y; Abellan, P; Ramasse, Q, et al
3-Feb-2017Tunable porous boron nitride: Investigating its formation and its application for gas adsorptionMarchesini, S; Regoutz, A; Payne, D; Petit, C;
21-Jun-2018The use of metal-organic frameworks for CO purificationEvans, A; Luebke, R; Petit, C;
7-Apr-2017Probing flow activity in polyamide layer of reverse osmosis membrane with nanoparticle tracersLi, Y; Klosowski, MM; McGilvery, CM; Porter, AE; Livingston, AG, et al
2-Aug-2017Neutron Reflectivity and Performance of Polyamide Nanofilms for Water DesalinationFoglia, F; Karan, S; Nania, M; Jiang, Z; Porter, AE, et al
3-Jan-2017Simulation of asphaltene aggregation through molecular dynamics: insights and limitationsHeaden, T; Boek, E; Jackson, G; Totton, T; Muller, EA, et al
28-Dec-2016The effect of feed spacer geometry on membrane performance and concentration polarisation based on 3D CFD simulationsGu, B; Adjiman, CS; Xu, XY;
12-Mar-2020Employing SAFT coarse grained force fields for the molecular simulation of thermophysical and transport properties of CO2 – n-alkane mixturesMuller, E; Trusler, J; Bresme, F; Zheng, L; , et al
31-Jan-2020Optimisation of Cu+ impregnation of MOF-74 to improve CO/N2 and CO/CO2 separationsEvans, A; Cummings, M; Decarolis, D; Gianolio, D; Shahid, S, et al