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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-1992Dynamics of the glass-forming liquid Di-2-ethylexyl Phthalate (DOP) as studied by light-scattering and neutron-scatteringFLOUDAS, G; HIGGINS, JS; FYTAS, G
1-Apr-1996A probability chart for statistical process analysis, with applicationsThornhill, NF; Hutchinson, RJ; Haughie, BT
1-Apr-1999Refinery-wide control loop performance assessmentThornhill, NF; Oettinger, M; Fedenczuk, P
1-Oct-1997Detection and diagnosis of oscillation in control loopsThornhill, NF; Hagglund, T
1-Sep-1996Poiseuille geometry shear flow apparatus for small-angle scattering experimentsCloke, VM; Higgins, JS; Phoon, CL; Richardson, SM; King, SM, et al
20-Jun-1999Near-infrared spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoring and controlYeung, KSY; Hoare, M; Thornhill, NF; Williams, T; Vaghjiani, JD