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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2011Contact lines over random topographical substrates. Part 2. DynamicsSavva, N; Pavliotis, GA; Kalliadasis, S
19-Mar-2015Coherent structures in nonlocal dispersive active-dissipative systemsLin, T-S; Pradas, M; Kalliadasis, S; Papageorgiou, DT; Tseluiko, D
19-Aug-2015Controlling spatiotemporal chaos in active dissipative-dispersive nonlinear systemsGomes, SN; Pradas, M; Kalliadasis, S; Papageorgiou, DT; Pavliotis, GA
28-Feb-2019Instability, rupture and fluctuations in thin liquid films: Theory and computationsDurán-Olivencia, MA; Gvalani, RS; Kalliadasis, S; Pavliotis, GA; , et al
28-Apr-2018On the equilibrium contact angle of sessile liquid drops from molecular dynamicsRavipati, S; Aymard, B; Kalliadasis, S; Galindo, A; , et al
25-Nov-2018Two-dimensional pulse dynamics and the formation of bound states on electrified falling filmsBlyth, MG; Tseluiko, D; Lin, T-S; Kalliadasis, S
24-Aug-2017Rate of Convergence of General Phase Field Equations in Strongly Heterogeneous Media Toward Their Homogenized LimitSchmuck, M; Kalliadasis, S; , et al
4-Jan-2018Solitary waves on falling liquid films in the inertia-dominated regimeDenner, F; Charogiannis, A; Pradas, M; Markides, C; Van Wachem, B, et al
23-Jan-2013Unification of dynamic density functional theory for colloidal fluids to include inertia and hydrodynamic interactions: derivation and numerical experiments.Goddard, BD; Nold, A; Savva, N; Yatsyshin, P; Kalliadasis, S
18-Jan-2017Classical density functional study of wetting transitions on nanopatterned surfaces.Yatsyshin, P; Parry, AO; Rascón, C; Kalliadasis, S; , et al