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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Establishing template-induced polymorphic domains for API crystallisation: the case of carbamazepineParambil, JV; Poornachary, SK; Hinder, SJ; Tan, RBH; Heng, JYY
1-Jan-2015Stability study of tubular DNA origami in the presence of protein crystallisation bufferWang, D; Da, Z; Zhang, B; Isbell, MA; Dong, Y, et al
24-Aug-2015Effect of milling temperatures on surface area, surface energy and cohesion of pharmaceutical powdersShah, UV; Wang, Z; Olusanmi, D; Narang, AS; Hussain, MA, et al
1-Jun-2008Surface modification of natural fibers using bacteria: Depositing bacterial cellulose onto natural fibers to create hierarchical fiber reinforced nanocompositesPommet, M; Juntaro, J; Heng, JYY; Mantalaris, A; Lee, AF, et al
13-Aug-2015Self-interaction chromatography of mAbs: accurate measurement of dead volumesHedberg, SHM; Heng, JYY; Williams, DR; Liddel, JM
30-Mar-2010Influence of fines on the surface energy heterogeneity of lactose for pulmonary drug deliveryHo, R; Muresan, AS; Hebbink, GA; Heng, JYY
1-Oct-2011Effects of Oscillatory Flow on the Nucleation and Crystallization of InsulinParambil, JV; Schaepertoens, M; Williams, DR; Heng, JYY
21-Feb-2017Influence of sample preparation on IGC measurements: the cases of silanised glass wool and packing structureHadjittofis, E; Zhang, GGZ; Heng, JYY
25-Feb-2017Influence of particle properties on powder bulk behaviour and processabilityShah, UV; Karde, V; Ghoroi, C; Heng, JYY
20-Nov-2014Decoupling the contribution of dispersive and acid-base components of surface energy on the cohesion of pharmaceutical powdersShah, UV; Olusanmi, D; Narang, AS; Hussain, MA; Tobyn, MJ, et al