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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2015Towards a Universal Dimensionless Map of Flow Regime Transitions in Horizontal Liquid-Liquid FlowsIbarra, R; Zadrazil, I; Markides, CN; Matar, OK; BP Exploration Operating Company Ltd
10-Jun-2015Superspreading: Mechanisms and Molecular DesignTheodorakis, P; Kovalchuk, NM; Starov, VM; Muller, EA; Craster, RV, et al
20-Nov-2017A multiscale approach to interpret and predict the apparent slip velocity at liquid-liquid interfacesPoesio, P; Damone, A; Matar, OK
19-May-2019Temperature and velocity field measurements of pool boiling using two-colour laser-induced fluorescence, infrared thermometry and particle image velocimetryVoulgaropoulos, V; Aguiar, GM; Matar, OK; Bucci, M; Markides, CN
3-Dec-2015Tracking the deformation of a tissue phantom induced by ultrasound-driven bubble oscillationsTinguely, M; Matar, OK; Garbin, V
16-Jul-2018Laser-based measurements of stratified liquid-liquid pipe flows interacting with jets in cross-flowWright, SF; Charogiannis, A; Voulgaropoulos, V; Matar, OK; Markides, CN
10-Jun-2015An experimental study of oil-water flows in horizontal pipesIbarra, R; Matar, OK; Markides, CN; Zadrazil, I
26-May-2013Structure and Velocity Profiles in Downwards Gas-Liquid Annular FlowZadrazil, I; Markides, CN; Hewitt, GF; Matar, OK
18-Aug-2019Experimental investigation of bubble nucleation, growth and departure using synchornized IR thermometry, two-colour LIF and PIVAguiar, GM; Voulgaropoulos, V; Matar, OK; Markides, CN; Bucci, M