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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2005Practical solutions to multivariate feedback control performance assessment problem: reduced a priori knowledge of interactor matricesHuang, B; Ding, SX; Thornhill, N
1-Oct-2005Test-area simulation method for the direct determination of the interfacial tension of systems with continuous or discontinuous potentialsGloor, GJ; Jackson, G; Blas, FJ; de Miguel, E
1-May-2005Modelling valve stictionChoudhury, MAAS; Thornhill, NF; Shah, SL
1-Dec-2005PSCMAP: A new tool for plant-wide oscillation detectionTangirala, AK; Shah, SL; Thornhill, NF
1-Aug-2005Coherency identification in power systems through principal component analysisAnaparthi, KK; Chaudhuri, B; Thornhill, NF; Pal, BC
8-Feb-2005On the difference in scattering behavior of cyclic and linear polymers in bulkGagliardi, S; Arrighi, V; Ferguson, R; Dagger, AC; Semlyen, JA, et al
11-Feb-2005Nematic phase transitions in mixtures of thin and thick colloidal rodsPurdy, KR; Varga, S; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Fraden, S
1-Sep-2005Closed-loop identification with a quantizerWang, M; Thornhill, NF; Huang, B
1-Nov-2005Nematic-nematic phase separation in binary mixtures of thick and thin hard rods: Results from Onsager-like theoriesVarga, S; Purdy, K; Galindo, A; Fraden, S; Jackson, G
1-Dec-2005Detecting and isolating multiple plant-wide oscillations via spectral independent component analysisXia, CM; Howell, J; Thornhill, NF