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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2005Practical solutions to multivariate feedback control performance assessment problem: reduced a priori knowledge of interactor matricesHuang, B; Ding, SX; Thornhill, N
1-Sep-2003Controller performance assessment in set point tracking and regulatory controlThornhill, NF; Huang, B; Shah, SL
1-Aug-2002Spectral principal component analysis of dynamic process dataThornhill, NF; Shah, SL; Huang, B; Vishnubhotla, A
1-Sep-2005Closed-loop identification with a quantizerWang, M; Thornhill, NF; Huang, B
1-Jan-2003Detection of multiple oscillations in control loopsThornhill, NF; Huang, B; Zhang, H
1-Jun-2006Alternative solutions to multi-variate control performance assessment problemsHuang, B; Ding, SX; Thornhill, N