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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2014Nanopapers for organic solvent nanofiltrationMautner, A; Lee, K-Y; Lahtinen, P; Hakalahti, M; Tammelin, T, et al
15-Jan-2014More Than Meets the Eye in Bacterial Cellulose: Biosynthesis, Bioprocessing, and Applications in Advanced Fiber CompositesLee, K-Y; Buldum, G; Mantalaris, A; Bismarck, A
17-Nov-2015Upgrading flax nonwovens: nanocellulose as binder to produce rigid and robust flax fibre preformsFortea-Verdejo, M; Lee, K-Y; Zimmermann, T; Bismarck, A
18-May-2017Noncovalent Surface Modification of Cellulose Nanopapers by Adsorption of Polymers from Aprotic SolventsKontturi, KS; Biegaj, K; Mautner, A; Woodward, RT; Wilson, BP, et al
1-Jan-2015Cellulose nanopapers as tight aqueous ultra-filtration membranesMautner, A; Lee, K-Y; Tammelin, T; Mathew, AP; Nedoma, AJ, et al
16-Sep-2014Aligned unidirectional PLA/bacterial cellulose nanocomposite fibre reinforced PDLLA compositesBlaker, JJ; Lee, K-Y; Walters, M; Drouet, M; Bismarck, A
10-Dec-2014On the use of nanocellulose as reinforcement in polymer matrix compositesLee, K-Y; Aitomäki, Y; Berglund, LA; Oksman, K; Bismarck, A
2-Jul-2012Hierarchical composites reinforced with robust short sisal fibre preforms utilising bacterial cellulose as binderLee, K-Y; Ho, KKC; Schlufter, K; Bismarck, A
2-Sep-2009Surface functionalisation of bacterial cellulose as the route to produce green polylactide nanocomposites with improved propertiesLee, K-Y; Blaker, JJ; Bismarck, A
20-Nov-2013Tailored for simplicity: creating high porosity, high performance bio-based macroporous polymers from foam templatesLau, THM; Wong, LLC; Lee, K-Y; Bismarck, A