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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2017Hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar systems for combined heating, cooling and power provision in the urban environmentRamos Cabal, A; Chatzopoulou, MA; Guarracino, I; Freeman, J; Markides, CN, et al
2-Jul-2017Optimisation of a high-efficiency solar-driven organic Rankine cycle for applications in the built environmentRamos Cabal Alba, RA; Chatzopoulou, M; Freeman James, JF; Markides Christos, CNM; , et al
22-May-2016Characterising the impact of HVAC design variables on buildings energy performance, using a Global Sensitivity Analysis frameworkChatzopoulou, MA; Keirstead, J; Fisk, D; Markides, CN; , et al
12-Sep-2017Integrated computer-aided working-fluid design and thermoeconomic ORC system optimisationPantaleo, AM; Markides; Oyewunmi; Chatzopoulou; White, M, et al
15-Sep-2018Thermodynamic optimisation of a high-electrical efficiency integrated internal combustion engine – organic Rankine cycle combined heat and power systemChatzopoulou, MA; Markides, C; , et al
17-Jul-2017Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of trigeneration systems in energy-intensive buildingsChatzopoulou, M; Salvador Acha, SA; Oyewunmi Oyeniyi A, OA; Markides N Christos, CNM; , et al
15-Oct-2018Computer-aided working-fluid design, thermodynamic optimisation and technoeconomic assessment of ORC systems for waste-heat recoveryWhite, M; Oyewunmi, OA; Chatzopoulou, M; Pantaleo, AM; Haslam, A, et al
17-Jun-2018Optimisation of off-design internal combustion-organic Rankine engine combined cyclesChatzopoulou, MA; Sapin, P; Markides, C; , et al
2-Jul-2017Integrated Computer-Aided Working-Fluid Design and Power System Optimisation: Beyond Thermodynamic ModellingOyewunmi, OA; White, MT; Chatzopoulou, M; Haslam, A; Markides, et al
15-Oct-2018Optimisation of a high-efficiency solar-driven organic Rankine cycle for applications in the built environmentRamos, A; Chatzopoulou, MA; Freeman, J; Markides, C; , et al