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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2015Hybrid PV and solar-thermal systems for domestic heat and power provision in the UK: Techno-economic considerationsMarkides, C; Herrando, M
23-Jun-2016Comparison of a novel organic-fluid thermofluidic heat converter and an organic Rankine cycle heat engineKirmse, CJW; Oyewunmi, OA; Haslam, AJ; Markides, C;
9-Aug-2016A Technology Selection and Operation (TSO) optimisation model for distributed energy systems: Mathematical formulation and case studyCedillos, D; Acha Izquierdo, S; Shah, N; Markides, C;
1-Nov-2018Roadmap for the next-generation of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar energy collectorsMellor, A; Alonso Alvarez, D; Guarracino, I; Ramos, A; Riverola Lacasta, A, et al
16-Sep-2018Application of liquid-air and pumped-thermal electricity storage systems in low-carbon electricity systemsGeorgiou, S; Aunedi, M; Strbac, G; Markides, C; , et al
16-Jul-2017Exploring optimal working fluids and cycle architectures for organic Rankine cycle systems using advanced computer-aided molecular design methodologiesWhite, MT; Oyewunmi, OA; Haslam, A; Markides, C;
1-Aug-2016Framework for the energetic assessment of South and South-East Asia fixed chimney bull’s trench kilnLe Brun, N; Markides, C
1-Aug-2016A transient model for simulating the freezing process of molten-salt coolantsLe Brun, N; Markides, C
17-Jun-2018Distributed heat and power generation: thermoeconomic analysis of Biomass-fired Rankine cycle systems with molten salts as heat transfer fluidPantaleo, AM; Camporeale, S; Sorrentino, A; Braccio, G; Markides, C, et al
1-Oct-2018Performance response of packed-bed thermal storage to cycle duration perturbationsMcTigue, JD; Markides, C; White, AJ;