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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2005Test-area simulation method for the direct determination of the interfacial tension of systems with continuous or discontinuous potentialsGloor, GJ; Jackson, G; Blas, FJ; de Miguel, E
1-Jan-2001Molecular states of water in room temperature ionic liquidsCammarata, L; Kazarian, SG; Salter, PA; Welton, T
15-Jul-2007Interaction forces between particles stabilized by a hydrophobically modified inulin surfactant.Nestor, J; Esquena, J; Solans, C; Luckham, PF; Musoke, M, et al
1-Jan-2002Increased catalytic productivity for nanofiltration-coupled Heck reactions using highly stable catalyst systemsNair, D; Scarpello, JT; Vankelecom, IFJ; Dos Santos, LMF; White, LS, et al
8-May-2003Study of the demixing transition in model athermal mixtures of colloids and flexible self-excluding polymers using the thermodynamic perturbation theory of WertheimParicaud, P; Varga, S; Jackson, G
1-Apr-2008Simultaneous FTIR spectroscopic imaging and visible photography to monitor tablet dissolution and drug releaseKazarian, SG; van der Weerd, J
1-May-2005Modelling valve stictionChoudhury, MAAS; Thornhill, NF; Shah, SL
1-Dec-2005PSCMAP: A new tool for plant-wide oscillation detectionTangirala, AK; Shah, SL; Thornhill, NF
1-Jul-2006An exploratory study to identify rogue seasonality in a steel company's supply network using spectral principal component analysisThornhill, NF; Naim, MM
16-Aug-2006Multidimensional visualization and clustering of historical process dataThornhill, NF; Melbo, H; Wiik, J