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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2009Charge Screening in the S(N)2 Reaction of Charged Electrophiles and Charged Nucleophiles: An Ionic Liquid EffectHallett, JP; Liotta, CL; Ranieri, G; Welton, T
1-Feb-2009Viscosity and Density of Five Hydrocarbon Liquids at Pressures up to 200 MPa and Temperatures up to 473 KCaudwell, DR; Trusler, JPM; Vesovic, V; Wakeham, WA
1-Apr-2009Linear stability analysis and numerical simulation of miscible two-layer channel flowSahu, KC; Ding, H; Valluri, P; Matar, OK
1-Oct-2009Inferential measurement of sag mill parameters IV: Inferential model validationApelt, TA; Thornhill, NF
1-Feb-2009Low wall shear stress predicts subsequent development of wall hypertrophy in lower limb bypass graftsJackson, MJ; Wood, NB; Zhao, S; Augst, A; Wolfe, JH, et al
17-Mar-2009Pinning, Retraction, and Terracing of Evaporating Droplets Containing NanoparticlesCraster, RV; Matar, OK; Sefiane, K
15-May-2009Attenuated Total Reflection-FT-IR Spectroscopic Imaging of Protein CrystallizationChan, KLA; Govada, L; Bill, RM; Chayen, NE; Kazarian, SG
7-Aug-2009A Mixed Integer Linear Optimization Framework for the Identification and Quantification of Targeted Post-translational Modifications of Highly Modified Proteins Using Multiplexed Electron Transfer Dissociation Tandem Mass SpectrometryDiMaggio, PA; Young, NL; Baliban, RC; Garcia, BA; Floudas, CA
25-Aug-2009Interfacial properties of selected binary mixtures containing n-alkanesMueller, EA; Mejia, A
23-Feb-2009Cause-and-effect analysis in chemical processes utilizing XML, plant connectivity and quantitative process historyThambirajah, J; Benabbas, L; Bauer, M; Thornhill, NF