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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2009Surface functionalisation of bacterial cellulose as the route to produce green polylactide nanocomposites with improved propertiesLee, K-Y; Blaker, JJ; Bismarck, A
20-Nov-2013Tailored for simplicity: creating high porosity, high performance bio-based macroporous polymers from foam templatesLau, THM; Wong, LLC; Lee, K-Y; Bismarck, A
1-May-2014Manufacturing of robust natural fiber preforms utilizing bacterial cellulose as binder.Lee, KY; Shamsuddin, SR; Fortea-Verdejo, M; Bismarck, A
1-Aug-2014Hybrid Nanomaterial Complexes for Advanced Phage-guided Gene Delivery.Yata, T; Lee, KY; Dharakul, T; Songsivilai, S; Bismarck, A, et al
11-Dec-2014Composition as a means to control morphology and properties of epoxy based dual-phase structural electrolytesShirshova, N; Bismarck, A; Greenhalgh, ES; Johansson, P; Kalinka, G, et al
20-Jan-2017Plant fibre reinforced polymers: where do we stand in terms of tensile properties?Fortea-Verdejo, M; Bumbaris, E; Burgstaller, C; Bismarck, A; Lee, K, et al
25-Dec-2017Better together: synergy in nanocellulose blendsMautner, A; Mayer, F; Hervy, M; Lee, K-Y; Bismarck, A, et al
2-Jun-2016Phosphorylated nanocellulose papers for copper adsorption from aqueous solutionsMautner, A; Maples, HA; Kobkeatthawin, T; Kokol, V; Karim, Z, et al
27-Jun-2016Exploring the tensile response in small carbon fibre composite bundlesAnthony, DB; Grail, G; Bismarck, A; Shaffer, M; Robinson, P, et al
1-Dec-2014PH-triggered phase inversion and separation of hydrophobised bacterial cellulose stabilised Pickering emulsionsLee, K-Y; Blaker, JJ; Heng, JYY; Murakami, R; Bismarck, A